Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reverb10 Dec 14

Prompt: Appreciate. What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in
the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

2010 you knocked me out!  What did I appreciate from you the MOST?  The log that ripped my left arm out of place?  The man/boy down the hill who sneaked in with 6 crates of gorgeous apples when I was gone?  My teensy ancient house-rooster who crows me awake every single morning?  Dear Lil Guy 20 year old Nissan truck who did not break down even once? The troublesome woman down the hill?  The seemingly unending unbearable hurt of love ended  abruptly without explanation?  The amazing gifts of total strangers?

All these wonders and many more. Of 2010 the overarching miracle for which I feel daily appreciation is that somehow I was given the gift of seeing the integration of all my many personas woven together into one graceful life.   My world has become one filled with everyday life illuminated by a strange and lovely perspective.  It is one that I have striven to achieve and despaired of ever achieving.  One that I never really thought about, and yet craved all the time.  I wanted my life to be all-of-one-piece.  Not a patchwork cobbled together - this bit of work by worker me next to that bit of play by recreational me next to that bit of housekeeping by hausfrau me.  I wanted to be ME in all of the dance, in all of the positions, in all of the costumes, in all of the stumbles.  I cannot tell you how this wholeness came about.  Perhaps it is simply time for all the pieces to fit?  I do not know.

Thank you 2010 for whipping my arrogant ass into shape so thoroughly that I came through the beating one whole integrated happy woman.  I love you 2010!  I express my gratitude simply by doing my best to maintain this wondrous state - by not allowing the world and my experiences in it to fragment me again.


  1. what an honest, beautiful post. i agree: patchwork is best left to quilts on cold, dream-filled nights.

  2. wow. i am so glad you are your whole wonderful self. I experienced much the same thing this year, a coming together on a new level. Love the quilt analogy, perfect.

  3. I love love love you. And, me too.

  4. Dazzling - three of my most admired bloggers felt the unifying energy of 2010! It really has been an amazingly complex year. Thanks so much fro being part of my life :)