Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Two Reverb-10

Today's prompt makes it clear that this is an exercise for WRITERS. I'm not a writer. I do not wish to become a writer. I will read with interest the works of the writers :)

Sharing my life story simply is not my style. I don't talk much about me, so this is a very uncomfortable place to be. When I'm uncomfortable I leave.

Knowing that there is no more bread to be had I would happily share with you the last piece of my bread. Or anything else I have that you need. But I will not tell you about my life. You must be very close and well trusted to know about me - NOT because I am so all-fired special or secretive or different. Simply because that is who I am and how I've always been.

Now I will go and get a great recipe to share with you :)


I didn't put up the recipe. I did think all day about my flat-out rejection of today's prompt. It seemed complicated, deep inside I knew it was very simply a dodge. I really dislike myself when I resort to trickery on that level. True - I am not a writer and have no wish to be one. True, I am intensely private and play all my cards very close, keep all my self disclosure to a minimum unless I am with close friends. But STILL the little conscience birdy kept whistling "you're dodging, babe, I can see your tracks". So I had to think, and what I thought was this. I have no one thing that I passionately DO and live for and need time for. There is not one central interest in my life that I wish I had more time for or that other tasks take away from. This made me feel embarrassed - I don't want to look like the only dilettante in the limo for God's sake! These are real, dedicated writers, crafters, artists, photographers! These are people making a difference with their contributions. I don't want them looking at my flabby little blog full of whinnys and clucks and barks and purrs. Here I am out in the country doing pretty much what I please because this is how my life has turned out in spite of and because of all the moves I have made to date. So that is closer to the truth #REVERB10 friends. Have a brownie and a cuppa.

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  1. I wasn't inspired by today's prompt, either. What you share about yourself, for those of us paying attention, inspires and endears. I love you.