Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reverb10 #11

Body integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment when there wasn't mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?

My body is not an entity that I often wish to integrate with. She is a constant source of discomfort (lie lie lie) she is a constant source of big nasty PAIN. Poor dear little one started out wonky and then was hit by a car driven by a mid-day drunk many years ago. Darlin body has had a very rough time of it and sometimes I think she wishes very much that she had gotten a kinder, lazier mistress.

I cut body very little slack. Only lately have I begun to say "oh - I truly should not do that because if I do and I get hurt again I might not get up." Oh boy do I ever HATE that! I've had so many big loves in my life that were all about BODY and using/abusing BODY to get to the high place I wanted to get to. Ice skating [crash!]. Running [rip!]. And the biggie - horseback riding [splat! crack! snap!].

My interior scaffolding is so beaten up, twisted, held together with rubberbands and paperclips and whatever else was lying about the surgery that I cannot abuse it any further.

So what was my delight this year? The moment when body and I were one and happy to be so? I gave my beauty BoJangles a long sweet bath - oh how he loves his bath. Then I walked him dry as he grazed on the early fall grass. Horse-lust overcame me and he knew the instant that he HAD me and walked over to the round pen where I climbed the rails and slid over on to his wet back. Magnificent old BoJo continued to walk sedately around the farm munching grass and allowing me to feel the play of muscles, the magical rhythm, total harmony of blended energies as he enjoyed his day while allowing me to celebrate mine. Thank You Beloved.


  1. How did it take me so long to come check you out, dear lady. This is gorgeous.

    And... we should compare x-rays some time. My favorite bumper sticker, ever: "Scars are tattoos that you earn".

  2. I love the affection that comes through. You may be hard on her, but you love her, and rightly - she is your being, how you matter. Which you do.

  3. Wow golly. Two of my idols commented wonderful words on my blog. My rainy day just got shiny. Thank you so much :)

  4. I love this post! Wonderfully crafted. I complain about my body's aches and pains entirely too much. Thanks for showing me that it is possible to speak with love and understanding about our physical homes- no matter what.

  5. Thank you :) I will savor that for days. mmmmm

  6. I love what they way you describe riding Bojangles. It reminds of my time on horseback, sans saddles, just the feel of their body as they galloped and my fingers intermingled in their mane. I really understand that healing affect.

    Well done Elfie.

  7. Thanks Liv. Nothing more magical than my BoJo - so nice that you understand :)