Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starting this evening I'm taking a vacation - a period of absence from my Social Media accounts at Twitter and at Face Book.

I decided to do this after reading that my acquaintance, Benjamin D. had decided to stay off social media whilst finishing his manuscript.  That got me started thinking about the projects I have going now, and the activities that are rushing at us as we move toward Spring.

There are nine projects in this lovely heap - one queen sized bed cover for our master bedroom, one single bed sized filet crochet lace cover for my studio day bed, 3 wool sculpted animals, and 4 wool paintings (Can't show them to you as they have to stay private till finished).  That's a big pile of art!

Coming towards us with the warmer weather will be the installation of The Tiny Farm's new greenhouse.  We are starting from square one in our plan to make our farm a Farmer's Market seller.  We will be selling early starts, fresh herbs and vegetables, tomatoes, and late season treats.  All will be organically grown from Heritage and Heirloom seed.  So - Big Job Ahead! 

In order to get my art projects finished and the commissioned pieces and gifts to their new owners before the farming season starts up I'm going to need to be very focused.  So off to work I go, and I will be back to catch up with all the doings of my internet friends some time in mid May.

Be kind, please, and stay well.


Comments and emails will be answered.


  1. Enjoy your vacation Robyn. We will miss you, and will look forward to your return.

    Carl Ingalls

  2. Thank you, Carl. It will be challenging to do this as
    I am so attached to my friends. Must stay focused though, as much of my work is very exacting. I miss you already!